Saturday, February 7, 2009

Being The Physics of Love

Is Infinity real to you? Do you remember to feel way beyond your skin, way beyond all sense of containment whatsoever? Exposure to the toxins of this world (and too much meditation upon them) should not be allowed to usurp our attention from the Boundless Luminosity of Infinite Being.

We need to take time every day to simply rest all of our attention from the bad news created in a globally bankrupt culture of lovelessness. We need to truly relax beyond the stress, beyond the tension of the refusal of Love. We can not remain intelligent unless we do this.

Wherever we are (or think that we are) the Light that is Infinitely Present Everywhere is well... Infinitely Present. It is important to have this pointed out when we forget the Presence of Our Own Natural State. Remembrance only occurs when we relax into Seamlessness. Ah! Feel this. Ah! Let this dissolve all sense of separation. Ah!

This is what I do when I get too caught up in the details of corruption which are so readily accessible on Earth at this time of the dividing of the way. Those who learn to relax beyond all sense of separation become the realization of the communication of loving intelligence in the midst of Infinity. This is what I mean by Be the Technology.

There is a process in the physics of phenomenal manifestation which is utterly revolutionary when we learn to rest in the Presence of Luminous Space. When the bubble of subjective cavitation dissolves... Ah!

Let the Feeling of Infinite Being which is only Love, after all, wash over us and cleanse us and heal us. Only a miracle will heal the Earth. Only the concerted manifestation of Love represents the power necessary to transform this wounded vessel of life. This will be the Foundation for the New Earth.

The Green Phoenix of the New Earth will rise in the midst of the Brightness of Our Loving. The old world and all of its toxins will only be transformed through the unanimity of universal heart-felt and profound relaxation in the Presence of Love which cannot ultimately be territorialized by any belief system whatsoever.

There is a Physics which is so much more than lovelessness. We call it the Physics of Love. All worlds, all universes and all beings ultimately resolve into Brightness at last. This is the true mission of PROJECT EARTH™. Accept no substitutes.

Adam Trombly

Friday, March 14, 2008

Karl Rove'sDream

3/13/2008 - Back in the spring of 2007 it looked inevitable that Hillary Clinton would not only win her party’s nomination for President but in a general election the Presidency of the United States of America. The Republican Party was mired in deep political feces with no apparent route of escape from the cesspool of the Bush/Cheney/Republican coup/hegemony, which had almost strangled all of the life out of the United States of America.

Then one night Karl Rove had a dream.

In Karl Rove’s dream the once inevitable winner of the 2008 Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton, had been forced from the race by a charismatic, narcissistic flim-flam man by the name of Barack Obama. This junior Democratic Senator from the State of Illinois had risen to fame and fortune by taking credit for bills passed by his colleagues in the Illinois State Legislature to which he attached his name. He did almost nothing and yet somehow achieved superstar status among a growing cadre of followers. Then with support from some truly corrupt backers, including Syrian-born gangster/businessman Antoin "Tony" Rezko, Obama became a US Senator. When Rezko’s corruption trial started in Chicago the press was noticeably absent. Email evidence, revealed in the first few days of the trial, pointed to influence peddling by Obama but most of reporters who were present just ignored the facts.

Karl Rove grinned in his sleep.

He watched as the “great uniter” Obama proved to be the catastrophic divider of the Democratic Party. Never in the Party’s history had such internal angst been ripened by any single candidate for President. If someone questioned his obvious lack of qualifications and substance they were labeled a “racist” or even worse a Republican.

Karl Rove laughed in his sleep.

Obama’s followers should have checked for the alpha-wave entrainment played in the background at all of his rallies which helped them feel so inexplicably good about nothing. Obama could repeat the same jingoes over and over while his cult followed in lock step. They never bothered with the details and with Obama the devil is definitely in the details. As the campaigned dragged on, Obama continued to chime, “I am a uniter, not a divider” (another line plagiarized from Karl Rove’s playbook) as he and his fanatical followers tore the Party to pieces.

When the time came for the general election the Democratic Party was still hopelessly divided and John McCain won the election handily. His top allies were Howard Dean (who had imperiously refused to seat the Florida and Michigan delegates elected in the primaries of those states and made the Party a laughing stock) and Barrack Obama “himself” who was revealed to be a remarkably corrupt politician as the Rezko trial proceeded and the Republicans easily pointed out what had been obvious from the beginning; Obama is a man without any real accomplishments and without the chops to be the President of the United States.

Who would have dreamt that Karl Rove could ever manage to win the White House again for those who would destroy the Earth?

Karl Rove woke up and smiled, “quite a dream... quite a dream indeed.”

Adam Trombly

What We Need

2/10/2008— There is a strange near silence on the Democratic side of the current election campaign regarding the destabilization of the Earth’s atmosphere or for that matter the destabilization of the whole Earth. The increasingly fierce tides, rising seas, floods, earthquakes and winds of change (forecast by PROJECT EARTH for more than a quarter of a century) are bearing down upon us.

The same corporate oligarchy, which has laid waste to so much of our world would rather not accurately report all the fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes or all the cities and towns ruined by weather exacerbated by climate change. As too many of us know, these disasters are increasingly ubiquitous and cannot be denied.

The corporate boys would rather change the subject to the economy instead but alas they have destroyed that too. We the People can’t ignore the news about the environment or it’s stepchild, the economy. Every week another town is laid to waste, another factory is closed, another ten thousand mortgages are foreclosed, another bridge to the future collapsed.

There were tornadoes in January again this year. There will be more in February and March and on and on… The firestorms in Southern California have been replaced by flooding. Over twenty feet of snow has fallen in the Mountains of Colorado this year until there is no place left to put it.. The Pacific Northwest has spent weeks and now months fighting flood after flood and snowstorm after snowstorm. The Hawaiian Islands are being repeatedly flooded by un-named storms. Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and parts of Texas have been shut down for weeks at a time by ice and wind and an inadequate infrastructure.

In the weeks and months and years to come more and more of our homes will be reduced to rubble and so will our neighbors’ homes down the street. Many of us have now seen first hand how ill prepared our Federal, State and local governments are for the systemic breakdown of global environmental stability, which the global corporatocracy has created. Project Earth has said for nearly thirty years now, “When the environment of the Earth is bankrupt we will all be homeless. There will be countless environmental refugees and fewer and fewer refuges.”

It seems redundant to continue to say this. Then suddenly one day Global Climate Destabilization comes to your town and you find that you don’t have water to drink or to clean with (or to flush your toilets with) and the lights are out and you have no heat or food. So pardon me for continuing to bring up this sore point again and again but none of this was necessary.

There have been solutions available since Tesla. The problem is that all of the real solutions have been systematically kept from us by compromising politicians and politically correct “scientists” who, drunk with a false elitism, fear that their corporate constituents/handlers would replace their sorry asses with new ones if they ever actually told the truth.

Such a man is Barrack Obama. His campaign ignores the Emergency on Earth. It is strange that so many naïve souls seem to think that Barrack Obama is imbued with some messianic mantle of authority. Unfortunately, a careful examination of his record reveals that Barrack is large on rhetoric but low on substance.

When I hear the starry eyed members of the Barrack Obama cult singing the jingoistic refrains of their new belief system, I have to say something. I have to point out that their idol is the same Senator Obama who bragged about a “Bill” he introduced to “protect” his Illinois constituents from unreported leaks of nuclear waste from several nuclear reactors in that state. The problem with his story is that he allowed this “Bill” to become meaningless drivel and even then it didn’t pass. Even so, Mr. Obama implied to voters in Iowa and by proxy all other voters in our nation that this “bill” did pass and that it had teeth. Curiouser and Curiouser!

President George W. Bush and seven of his administration's top officials, including Vice President Dick Cheney, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, made at least 935 false statements in the two years following September 11, 2001, about the national security threat posed by Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

As much as Mr. Obama wishes to paint himself as a legendary legislative super-hero, the story is just another fake cartoon scene out of the Barrack Odrama. The truth is that the political Trojan horse named Barrack Obama submitted himself and his legislation to his corporate contributors and handlers at Excelon, who had leaked their nuclear waste into the Illinois water table along with their copious contributions to his campaigns.

Let’s see, there does seem be a pattern here. I wish it were not so. I too was once so taken with this candidate that I actually sent out an email to many of you introducing him as a bright new hope. I was wrong.

I truly believe that Barrack Obama is the cleverest of all the Trojan horse candidates ever fielded in our nation’s history. At least he seems clever until you get down to the radioactive the ground water beneath his feet.

We do not need to follow a false prophet into a growing wasteland of unfulfilled promises. We have had enough lies to kill a planet. We don’t need more false hope based on political hype.

We actually need to implement the long withheld solutions of zero point vacuum fluctuation and hydro-oxy gas based technologies. We need to cast aside the jargon of mediocre candidates and the band-aids of 1970’s variety technologies.

We need to act like loving, intelligent beings. We have to be politically, physically and even spiritually assertive. If we do this, we can send a message to the rest of the universe that there is intelligent life on Earth. Perhaps we can even attract the help of more intelligent beings whose presence frequently leaks across the corporate firewall of denial and into our living rooms. When we will we have leadership that stops lying about the fact that we live in a universe in which much more advanced and intelligent life forms exist than the politicians who usurp our attention on the evening news.

Whether Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or John McCain is the next President, the United States Government has no right to deny the citizens of our country or the rest of the world the benefit of very advanced and pollution free energy technologies, which have been developed at our expense but never used for our collective good. I know that these technologies exist because I have actually, physically invented, developed and worked with them. By grace, I have survived long enough to tell you about and even physically demonstrate several technologies before representatives of the corruption confiscated them.

Right now, we are in an emergency and we cannot afford for our government to withhold the truth about climate destabilization, zero point technologies or more intelligent life forms any longer.

Through our carelessness, we have created a world of extremes, a world of fire and ice, of deluge and drought. We have created a world of imbalance. We need to bring this world back into balance. We need to start now. Charismatic leaders who say one thing and then do another just won’t cut it in the twenty first century and that is all there is to it.

Nuclear Leaks and Response Tested Obama in Senate

Adam Trombly

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Outshining the Darkness

9/21/2007 – It is so pathetic to see the people on the republican side of the aisle in both the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate, who continue to support the treason in the Executive Branch, pretending to be loyal Americans. These are not Americans. I would just like the rest of the world to know that. We the People of the United States of America see that these are pathetic and abusive sycophants.

I really hate to say this. It would be so nice to be able to respect all our "elected" officials. We have a President who can barely get through a sentence. We have a Vice President who makes all true Americans feel ashamed. The vast majority of Americans feel with great urgency the need to rid ourselves, our country and our planet of the parasites now posing as our leaders.

Before Bush and companies stole the 2000 and the 2004 Presidential elections and thereby thwarted the Will of the People, the United States of America was in the best shape we had been in for a very long time. We were prosperous and respected throughout the world. We were paying down our national debt. We could once again hold our heads high in the world community.

How strange that the Democrats should come out looking so good after eight years of being tormented by the "republican" right. Now these same ridiculous "right wing" men continue to hold us all hostage to a President and Vice President who have morally, legally and economically nearly completely bankrupted the United States of America while hiding behind the flag they desecrate. They block every Democratic attempt to set us free from the abyss in Iraq. What about the rule of Law??? Who are these guys anyway? Why do they take such pleasure in destroying things like entire countries and planets?

It isn't that the Democrats are nearing perfection or anything like it, but at least they are trying to end the carnage in Iraq and the pitiless exploitation of the wonderful men and women of the United States Armed Forces. Even so, in spite of the half-hearted efforts on the Democratic side of the aisle, the rest of the world continues to perceive the United States of America to be in free fall. Stupidity seems to have taken hold of the People. Many of our friends abroad keep watching the monitors for signs of life in the United States. Who are we anyway? The Americans the rest of the world once hoped we were would never let this go down without a fight. Will we?

God Bless the people at for having the courage to say what the rest of us were thinking. Which will it be General Petraeus or General Betray us? Are they really just the same?

We are not insulting our military. We love the men and women of the Armed Forces. We love them so much that in spite of Executive Orders, ignored and thereby tacitly sanctioned by Congress, which allow this President to completely abuse the citizens of our once proud land for exercising Free Speech we will not be silenced. As Americans we all have a duty to our families, our country and to our Armed Forces to raise our voices against the slaughter and maiming of the truly brave. None of us should be subjected to domination by chickenshit, ass-kissing men who pose as leaders of the brave.

We the People would much rather hear from even one honest man who can still remind us of the meaning of words like Integrity and Intelligent Leadership than all of the other noise in Washington, D.C. We the People of the United States of America would like to hear what Admiral William Fallon would say in testimony before Congress regarding Iraq and for that matter the entire Middle East. We People of the United States of America are demanding the Truth. We know ewhat it feels like in our heart of hearts. We know the way the sound thrills our ears. We know the fire it ignites in us.

So we here at PROJECT EARTH, we who have warned you all of the Great Emergency on Earth for over a quarter of a century, will continue to tell the Truth as best we can to our beloved fellow travelers on Spaceship Earth. If some of our readers are bothered by this I believe that there is a black hole in Washington, D.C. or Crawford, Texas just waiting to suck up all of your life force. For the rest of us Democracy still has meaning. For the rest of us the welfare of the entire Earth is still of paramount importance.

In the midst of Infinity and Eternity we pray for an end to the tyranny in Washington. In the midst of Infinity and Eternity we cry out for the sake of all Life. We cry into the Midst of Infinity and Eternity, which is our True Context, for Love and Courage to take hold of our collective heart and move us beyond the stupor of political inertia.

It is not loving to allow these empty shells of men to control our present or our future. We all need to find our voices. We can all see what is going on. The Emperor is naked and covered with corruption. So pick up your phones and let someone you love hear your voice. Say, "Hey I'm alive and I care. What about you? Want to take our planet back?"

Let neighbor awaken neighbor from our too long sleep. Call ten friends, relatives, associates, fellow citizens, former lovers, current lovers and reclaim this Earth for Life.

If each person we call will in turn call ten and those then call ten and on and on we can cover the Earth with our voices. We need to really do this. We cannot let Diebold or Halliburton to decide our future. Let's make our Senators and Representatives phones ring off the hook until they hear our voices. Let's inundate Washington, D.C. with good old-fashioned letters, millions and millions of them. The trees won't mind. The trees need to have their voices heard too.

We have always called this exponential networking here at Project Earth. Surprise yourselves. Be the Technology of Love. Let Life Articulate You. Let Love and Courage Express You.

Let's bring an end to the shadows cast upon our world. Let us all participate in Outshining the darkness. Let us be free of embarrassment. Let us all remember that Free People are not afraid to Love or to fight for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Love is not passive in the face of abject evil. Love is Fierce and Passionate and Full of Life's intelligence. Love will not tolerate the abuse of the Planet or the Children of Earth. Love acts. Love takes back control of our lives one at a time, ten at a time, then thousands, millions and billions at a time.

We all know what it is to Feel without limitation. We are Life's secret weapons. May those who love Life Rule. May we all learn together how to be human again. May we all come back to Life again. Like Lazarus we all need to wash off the stink of corporate entombment and get on with the business of Life.

Life takes a while to get used to after so much adaptation to death and corruption but when we actually start feeling and acting like human beings then things like boundless energy, food without poisons, electricity without pollution, life without measure, curing cancer and healing our home planet won't seem like ridiculous pipe dreams anymore. Let us put the evil of this time behind us.

There is limitless and practically useful energy anywhere you stand or sit. We can feel it and we can be it. We can tap into it with real technologies. We can light our homes and drive our quiet, clean vehicles as the wounds of our tortured Earth are healed forever. Let's take our planet back. Let's start now. Let's make it impossible for the people who are supposed to represent us to think we are stupid morons following them into hell.

We have to lead our countries, our Earth and ourselves back to Life. The dead just can't do it.


Adam Trombly

Friday, May 4, 2007

Sworn to Secrecy

So now we have the former Director of Intelligence at the CIA singing loudly against Dick Cheney and the War. It cost folks plenty to finally hear his version of the events that led up to the invasion of Iraq. Richard Durban (Democratic Congressman, Illinois) is also suddenly coming forward with revelations regarding the contradictory intelligence he had access to in the House Intelligence Committee. Durban claims that he knew all the way back when the initial vote to go into this conflict was made that it was “not justified”. He says he was sworn to secrecy. He could not speak the truth even though by doing so he would have quite possibly saved thousands of American lives and tens of thousands of Iraqi lives.

Let’s see. Does “sworn to secrecy,” mean “get out of jail free” for say… treason or mass murder? What is wrong with this picture? The Director of Intelligence along with a few Senators and a few Representatives of the People of the United States of America (and their respective “Intelligence Committees”) sat by in silence while our Democracy was hijacked and then remained silent as our armed forces were taken into an entirely unjustified war. Seem like treason to you? What kind of “Rule of Law” is represented by such preposterous protocols? What kind of Democracy is this?

Once again we must ask and ask very loudly, “Who do you really serve?”

Mr. Tenet and Mr. Durban what do you say now to the bereaved parents and loved ones of our troops? What do you say to the spirits of the departed? What rationale do you give the permanently injured? “Gosh I’m sorry. I should have probably said something at the time?”

For that matter, why is it that we, as a Nation, which overwhelmingly believes that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were never duly or truly elected to Office, continue to tolerate their usurpation of our country’s Executive Authority year after year? I will not stop saying this until our Senators and Representatives of all parties begin acting like human beings with honor and uphold the “Constitution of the United States of America” by actually ridding our country and our White House of these parasites.

As much as I may like and admire Madame Speaker Pelosi, she and her colleagues must hear that the American People will not rest until they do their job.

Come on People, our Earth is now profoundly destabilized. The ice caps are melting, the winds are blowing with unprecedented ferocity, the light of the Sun comes with a cancer warning, the air is less fit to breath and the water less fit to drink than ever before in human history and oh yes, the bees are dying.

Sixty percent of the bees in the Western United States and seventy percent in the Eastern United States have gone missing. Forty percent have vanished in Canada and thirty percent are now dead in Germany. This goes on and on.

Albert Einstein once noted that, “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”

Even so, we let international megacorporations like Monsanto dictate our agricultural policies not just in the United States but increasingly worldwide. They have created a strain of corn, which holds the dubious designation ‘Bt corn’ which has been modified to produce its own insecticide. This insecticide is fatal to bees and you can bet your last breath Monsanto and its corporate allies were warned long ago of this danger. They were warned but we weren’t.

I am telling you all of this even though I would rather be writing about the Boundless Luminosity of Infinite Space, the Holy Spirit, the Intrinsic Awareness that pervades and is always already the spontaneous Presence of our being. However, if I did not continue to point these things out it would be like philosophizing on the way to the crematoria that the new corporatocracy has prepared for us all. Just ask the thousands of those still missing in the Gulf States after Katrina and Rita.

Most people don’t know that there are still thousands who are unaccounted for in the Gulf. These people are not here to demand their temporary housing units, which sit decaying in Federal depots. These souls are not here to raise their voices above the den and the stink of the corruption of corporate hegemony, which is only now slowly losing its grip on the Peoples’ House. This Administration will not even acknowledge their deaths.

There are however, National Guardsmen who witnessed the removal of corpses from both New Orleans and untold towns and villages throughout areas devastated by Katrina and Rita. A couple of these young men found ways to communicate to Project Earth about what they saw. They described convoys of eighteen-wheeler refrigerator trucks hauling the dead to mobile crematoria somewhere in Mississippi. They asked, “Who were those other soldiers dressed in black? What is this Blackwater anyway?

If you really believe the death tolls given to us by this Administration after Katrina or any other natural disaster, if you really believe that only twenty people died on February, 2nd 2007 in Central Florida as five deadly tornadoes plowed through mile after mile of bedroom communities in the middle of the night, without any warning sirens sounded, leaving only rubble in their paths, then your mind is the twenty-first fatality.

One reporter, while interviewing a man who miraculously survived those storms, was told, “Hell, there are at least twenty people who died just here in this neighborhood. They were my friends and now they are gone. I don’t know if those people in Washington think that we’re all stupid out here, but if they do then I guess we’ll just have to show them differently.”

The killing grounds of global climatological and geophysical destabilization could soon be right where you are. Project Earth has been warning about this now for well over a generation. We have been raising our voices since long before it was acceptable to do so. We have been offering solutions for all of that time. Those who are destroying the earth want you to believe that our warnings and our solutions are suspect and not their endless effluvia of lies.

In the mean time Mr. Cheney has dictated that his Halliburton corporate headquarters be moved to Dubai. This makes the records of that corporation subpoena proof and also gives Mr. Cheney an extradition free refuge when the People wake up and seek justice.

While residing in Dubai Mr. Cheney could continue to be Commander in Chief of his Blackwater mercenary army now numbering over one hundred and twenty thousand “soldiers” in Iraq. Who is paying for this army? The American taxpayer is.

On this anniversary of George Bush’s preposterous declaration of “Mission Accomplished” we need to ask the same question our young National Guardsmen asked. What is this Blackwater anyway? Maybe it is time to flush.

Adam Trombly


Remember Exponential Networking.
Network this article to your friends
and recommend they do the same.
Times 10, X 10, so on and so on!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Of Reporters and Vampires...

There has been a lot of outcry this week in the United States about the horror that devastated thirty-one young lives at Virginia Tech University. It is a tragic moment indeed. What is interesting is that only the alternative press pointed out the fact that in the ten days prior to the Virginia Tech massacre, thirty-two other American lives and literally hundreds of Iraqi lives were just as senselessly and violently ended in Iraq. Only Keith Olbermann got it right that very night. What about those lives?

How is it that all of our flags are not flying at half mast everyday for the now 3,319 American lives lost in Iraq so far? Do the families of those who have died for the intentional misrepresentations and bravado of this "administration" grieve less than the families of those students? Why is there no proportional national outcry about the madmen in this "administration" who have lied and cheated their way into power and destroyed thousands of lives to preserve it?

Seeing George W. Bush continue to justify the carnage in Iraq sickens me just as much as seeing the now infamous madman Cho ranting in his final video. I cannot see much difference. Can you?

As many parasites in the media continue to feast on the blood sacrifice in Virginia, pontificating and psychoanalyzing day after day, the thugs in the Executive Branch go on with their endless crimes against the earth and humanity. The members of the press corps should stop and reflect upon which masters they really serve. Who really benefits from this vampiristic usurpation of our collective attention?

Shouldn't we be hearing more about the catastrophic failure of "Bush's surge" in Iraq? Shouldn't we really be hearing more about the undermining of our Democracy and our Justice System by administration marionettes like Alberto Gonzales? If we heard proportional coverage of his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, where he obfuscated the truth for hours in order to protect his handlers in the White House, then perhaps we as a nation could channel our outrage in a more effective manner.

Speaking of that squirming and pathetic display, when was the last time any of us have heard such a bunch of crap? Well Senators, uh... We "don't recall."

Adam Trombly

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Caveat Internetor

How is your computer running lately? Some of our computers haven't been doing so well. As a matter a fact the last few months have seen an epidemic of computer failures among machines running the Microsoft Windows operating system. Everywhere we turn we are hearing more and more about these sudden failures.

Anyone who runs Windows knows that it has become a part time job to just keep it running. Something always seems to be going wrong. No matter how persistently you update your firewall(s), spyware program(s), virus definitions, operating system, etc. things just don't work they way they should. Even after you repeatedly run various scans to identify what has gotten through these barriers things continue to get worse.

We are meticulous about computer maintenance around here. However, when things still go wrong it is not as of you can get on the phone with some well informed technician at Microsoft as you could just a couple of years ago. Now if you call for help you are directed to Hyderabad or Mumbai where you find yourself speaking to someone called "Bob" reading from a script. The script is almost always wrong.

About a month ago we found ourselves with four dead Windows computers. They all just suddenly died. I wondered out loud whether it was possible that someone in the White House might be upset that some of us had gone "too far" in our persistent criticism of this administration. It seemed quite possible that our computers had made some Executive Branch hit list. I mean they hacked two elections didn't they?

Then I heard that Jeff Rense and a number of other kindred spirits were also experiencing a similar pattern of computer attacks. Hmm.... some sort of cyber warfare seems to be taking place.

Then, as if it were choreographed by divine potentiation, one of the people I had enjoyed a great rapport with at Microsoft contacted me! He had recently gone into retirement. He said that he was coming through my neck of the woods and it might be a good idea for us to get together. We met at a local bookstore and sat down for a chat.

I told him what many of my friends and I have recently been experiencing with the nightmare that the Windows operating system has become. He responded by saying, "You don't know the half of it." He went on to say that Windows had become such a behemoth of tangled "spaghetti" code that it was nearly impossible to protect.

But it goes way beyond that. He told me that some of the source code for the Windows OS was now in the hands of programmers in India. He was certain that this was a "major mistake" on the part of Microsoft's upper management. He said he considered it "a threat to International Security".

"I know there are some very competent IT personnel in India. I have been there several times for the company. When you consider the fact that some of these people are almost undoubtedly Islamic militants, I think it was a tragic decision to allow anyone in that country access to the source code. On top of that other companies such as Symantec have also outsourced much of both customer service and product maintenance to India. So here you have potential adversaries with the source code for the most widely used operating system in the world and the most widely used security software."

He continued, "Purportedly there is also a special group within the NSA that has complete access to every Windows machine through the supercomputer/server farm that maintains the Windows operating system and processes those "error messages" Windows users frequently generate. The operating system itself can be used as a real time monitor of every keystroke you make as long as you are online."

"It is even possible to do selective data mining through the Microsoft/Redmond access whereby someone writing emails or articles against this ridiculous war or this absurd administration can be identified and attacked with various exploits in real time."

So you have potential foreign adversaries and domestic adversaries within the administration who have the keys to the vast majority of computers in the world.

"Practically speaking this means that "Bob's" cousin Abdul could potentially hack into your computer or even shut down large banks of servers in the United States or any other country. A team of skilled programmers with access to the source code and online access to Microsoft can wreck havoc. It is just another in the long series of national disgraces encouraged by the policies of this Administration."

"On the other front Bush/Cheney can give the order to shut down free speech on the Internet. If you say something negative about them you could become a target. These guys can just reach into your world through Windows/Redmond and screw your computer to death. Logistically they don't even need thousands of agency employees attacking you."

"The NSA supercomputer assigned to data mining and other nefarious tasks purportedly has a half-petaflop (500 trillion floating point operations per second) throughput capability. It also has complete access to all Windows users through Microsoft's central computer array. This system is said to be capable of developing and improving its own pattern recognition skills second by second. It is learning like HAL did in 2001 a Space Odyssey."

"In this all too real scenario the computer can be programmed to think that it is supposed to protect the "president" and all of his cohorts at all costs. If you are saying something like, "when is someone in Congress going to find the courage to do something about these guys?" BAM! Your computer is slammed."

"The way this works is that after a few weeks of this program running on this insanely powerful computer it isn't just the high profile guys who get hit. Millions of Americans can lose their computers to this crap. Gates can't do a thing. It is his deal with the devil."

I was kind of stunned when I heard this but it all made sense. Then today an old friend contacted me. She told me that she was writing a chapter in her new book wherein a sentient canine character is making fun of the "president". As she was writing, her font suddenly started changing until she found it impossible to continue. Finally her computer just died. She said, "The strangest thought crossed my mind. I thought for a moment that I was personally under attack for making fun of this guy. Do you think that is possible Adam?"

I told her what I just told you...

If you have experienced these kinds of difficulties recently (and I know that many of you have) then write and print out a letter (or even hand write it) to your Senators and Representatives on the State and Federal level demanding that a real, full blown investigation of this alleged abridgement of our rights is started immediately and that those responsible are prosecuted. Just consider the people, who hacked the 2004 Presidential Election in Ohio, who are now sitting in prison.

Use snail mail. Sign your real name. Let's have a tsunami of real physical mail hit the Capital. Make the effort. Network exponentially. Raise your voices to the high heavens before HAL (or is it Dick?) hacks another election or finally seizes complete control of Spaceship Earth. There is no escape pod.

Adam Trombly
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